Danny Walsh Transcription of Solo on “One for Rich”

Here’s another great solo transcription from a Youtube video that I started working on a few days ago.   My tenor was getting overhauled so I thought I would take a stab at an alto solo while it was in the shop.  This is from the great sax player, Danny Walsh and is a solo he played with the Ball  State Jazz Ensemble.  The tune is “One for Rich” but the chord changes are based off of “How Deep is the Ocean”.

Danny went to Berklee College of Music and left shorty before I got there in the mid 80’s.  I’m not sure I have ever heard him live although the summer before I went to Berklee I remember hearing an ensemble behind a closed door and the tenor player was playing a killing solo which sounded like Michael Brecker to me.  I always wondered if that was Danny playing………

I haven’t heard too much from Danny since the 80’s but when I heard he had released a recording called “Entering In” I was one of the first to buy it.  This is a great CD! Danny’s sound on both tenor and alto saxophone is beautiful.   One of the aspects I love the most about Danny’s playing is his ability to take a solo “outside”.  It seems effortless to him and his lines just flow whether they are “inside” bebop lines or “outside” Brecker type lines.  It is obvious that Danny Walsh is very talented and has spent his time in the woodshed that is for sure.  You can hear the Coltrane and Brecker influence on his lines that is for sure!

If you have never heard of Danny Walsh before, check out his CD and any future projects he plays on!

Solo starts at :12

This was a harder solo to transcribe and once I got into it I thought “Oh Crap!” but the lines are so killin’ that I thought it was worth the time!  Enjoy!

One for Rich-Danny Walsh Alto Sax Solo

This is Danny Walsh’s last recording.  Check it out!!

Danny Walsh “Entering In” Itunes

Danny Walsh “Entering In” CD Baby

DevastatingFrontCoverSmallAdDevastating Minor Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing

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