Devastating Minor Lines-Lesson 1



This is a lesson on creating some of those crazy modern lines that  travel “outside” of the key.  You hear these type of lines when you listen to modern sax players such as Michael Brecker or Bob Berg.

I give you 9 lines that in the key of D minor that I have composed. These lines are written in 16th notes and use a variety of different techniques to weave them in and out of the minor key center.  I show you how to use chromatic lines, approach notes,altered scales, 3 tonic lines and different triads to create hip, modern lines.

In this lesson, I cover lines 1-4 and teach you the elements used to create them.   In lesson 2, I finish the lesson with lines 5-9.  Although the lines were written in D minor, I have included PDFs of the lines transposed into 6 other keys also.

I demonstrate all the lines to a Jamey Aebersold play along with my tenor saxophone. (29 Minute Video and 7 PDFs)


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