The Secret to Modern Outside Jazz Lines Lesson-Minor



In this new lesson entitled “The Secret to Modern Outside Jazz Lines Lesson-Minor”, I teach you an amazing exercise that really helps an improviser gain a mastery over tension and release, dissonance and consonance, outside lines and inside lines. The process I teach in this video lesson melds chromaticism with approach note lines to create modern sounding lines that weave in an out of the tonality.

In this 45 minute lesson video, I play the soprano saxophone as I demonstrate how to conceptualize this concept as well as how to best practice the material for optimal results.  I demonstrate many of the lines in the 12 page PDF that is included with the lesson to a minor tonality so you can hear how the lines sound with the chords.  I also show you many ways to improvise with the material by thinking of the approach note vocabulary from my book “Approach Note Velocity-Minor” as individual words that you can tie together in countless ways to create even more lines.  To get the most from this lesson you should also get my book “Approach Note Velocity-Minor“.

This is a revolutionary concept that once mastered can really give you modern lines and ideas to use while improvising.   The best benefit to this approach is that once mastered, the improviser feels more freedom to be able play whatever he wants as they will now understand the keys to smoothly resolving any ideas they attempt. (45 Minute Video Lesson, 12 PDF sheets lines in all 12 keys)




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