Whole Tone Scale-Lesson 3



In this lesson entitled Whole Tone Scale-Lesson 3, we are taking a look at using the whole tone scale in a variety of diatonic augmented triad patterns over augmented triads and augmented dominant chords. 

In lesson 1 we talked about what the whole tone scale is, how to construct it, use it and practice it.  In lesson 2, I gave you a number of scale patterns to practice with the whole tone scale.  In lesson 3, we are looking at practicing and using whole tone scale patterns based off of diatonic augmented triads taken from the scale.

I give you a 3 page PDF with patterns that cover all 12 augmented triads and dominant chords with a #5. I also give you 12 play alongs that cover all 12 keys and take you from a major chord to a dominant chord with a #5 that you can use the whole tone patterns on.  I play each pattern for you on the soprano saxophone and show you how to practice them with the play alongs I have included.

(35 Minute Video Lesson,  3 page PDF of  whole tone diatonic triad patterns, 12 play alongs to practice patterns to and then resolve)



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