Playing Outside on Standards Exercise

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In this lesson, I talk about a method to practice playing outside the chord changes while still being aware of them and following them. This lesson demonstrates a concept I work on with students as a means to learning how to play outside and get comfortable with that playing style in a methodical way. I demonstrate the concept over the tune “There Will Never Be Another You” on the soprano saxophone. A play along of that song is also included for you to practice with. (37 Minute Video Lesson,Play along)

1 review for Playing Outside on Standards Exercise

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    Jan (verified owner)

    What a great lesson. I had a standards trio and invited a great sax player who played all this weird stuff but with taste, 🙂 i was always asking him about it and his comment was the same as yours: just do something, but keep the changes in mind. I didn’t get it and thought there was some substitution theory behind it, but now I’m getting it. To this day I have never dared to play something “out” in a performance, because I know I get lost. This lesson is wonderful advice.

    • Steve


      Glad you liked it Jan. When I discovered how to do this in college it really opened up the possibilities for me and like you, every time I played stuff like this other players would be asking me what I played. I think they would always get miffed when I said “Whatever” or “it doesn’t matter”. they wanted a formula or equation…………

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