Playing Outside on Dominant Chords-4 Tonic System-Lesson 1



In this lesson, we are taking a more in-depth look at the use of the four tonic system to play “outside” a key center.   I’ve made quite a few lessons over the years that looked at how to play outside on a minor tonality.  For this lesson, we take a look at one concept you can use to play outside on dominant chords.

We take a close look at the four tonic system and how to use it on a dominant chord.  I describe what the four tonic system is and have included a PDF sheet of great lines to practice in all 12 keys.  I demonstrate using them over an A7 groove on the tenor saxophone.  I teach you the importance of getting this concept down and practicing these lines. I teach how to resolve the notes and demonstrate weaving back and forth between the four tonic system and the home base scale of A Mixolydian.  

This is a great lesson if you struggle with adding variety and outside lines to your favorite dominant grooves.  Mastering these four tonic lines will give you access to a range of new sounds and lines that will make other musicians ask what you were playing and thinking on your last solo……..

(33 Minute Video Lesson, 12 PDF four tonic line sheets in all 12 keys)


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