Playing Outside-Shifting Altered Dominants Lesson



Playing Outside-Shifting Altered Dominants Lesson is a video lesson on using an altered scale based off of the V7 chord on a minor groove. Using this technique is a great way to create modern outside sounding lines while soloing. I provide you with a PDF in all 12 keys that shows you 4 different approaches to playing outside lines over these minor grooves. The altered scale, the whole tone scale, the melodic minor scale and the lydian dominant scale are discussed. Using this method is a great way to accustom your ears to hearing the tensions and resolutions involved in playing “outside” the chord changes.

I also include a play along that goes through all 12 minor keys 16 bars at a time. I demonstrate the concept with the soprano saxophone. (35 Minute Video Lesson, 3 page PDF for Bb,Eb and C instruments, 16 minute minor play along in all 12 keys to practice to)


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