Mastering the Minor ii-7b5 V7b9 Bebop Scale (Digital PDF Book)

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“Mastering the Minor ii-7b5 V7b9 Bebop Scale” is a new approach to learning to play great jazz lines over a minor ii-V progression.  If you have worked out of my “Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale” book, you know that the bebop scale and the “bebop links” that can be added to it can be a powerful tool that can be used to create great sounding lines using the language of the jazz greats from the past.
In this new book, I apply the principles of the bebop scale to a minor ii-7b5 V7b9 progression.   I start with a bebop scale for these chords that sounds great and teach you what notes to start on.  After that, I teach you 47 great bebop links to add to these scales.  These “bebop links” are short melodic ideas that sound great when added to the minor ii-7b5 V7b9 bebop scale.  They add melodic content to the jazz lines being improvised while creating new and fresh directions and textures.
Lastly, I show you 12 three note “resolution links” that can be added to the ends of your lines to help you resolve to the minor i chord.  These are great pieces of the jazz language that can be memorized so that you will never have a problem resolving your lines again.

Mastering the Minor ii-7b5 V7b9 Bebop Scale

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Like all my other books, this book is transposed into all 12 keys.  It also includes 24 play along tracks to practice along with in all 12 keys.  Lastly, I have included an overview video lesson that goes with this book to help you understand how to use each section for maximum benefits. (If you have bought a physical copy of this book and don’t have the play alongs or video lesson, feel free to contact me via my site at and I can get them to you)
If you have already realized the benefits of the dominant and major bebop scales, you know that these concepts can give you an abundance of possibilities to use over major and dominant chords.  Now, these same concepts can finally be applied to minor ii-7b5 V7b9 progressions.  Work out of this book for a few months and you will always have an abundance of ideas and lines to pull from over these minor progressions.
I am very excited about this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.     Steve Neff
211 page PDF book in all 12 keys
24 Play Along Tracks
50 Minute Video Overview Lesson on the Book

2 reviews for Mastering the Minor ii-7b5 V7b9 Bebop Scale (Digital PDF Book)

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    Paul Maine (verified owner)

    I have purchased all of Steve’s books and I have been waiting for his book on using a bebop scale over a minor II V I progression. I purchased my copy the day Steve announced his new book. The past couple of days I have been working on getting the new scale in my head and in my hands for just one minor two five. It really started getting interesting when I started adding Steve’s links to parts of the scale and then using his resolutions. I next pulled up backing tracks for Blue Bossa and tried just a few of the new things I’m learning from Steve’s book – I am now able to play some very cool lines over the minor two five changes!
    Steve also includes ( with the book purchase ) nice backing tracks to isolate all twelve keys and a video where he explains it all.

    If you would like to “up your game” on playing over the minor two five changes – this book is for you!

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    Ali Afrookteh (verified owner)

    Over the years I have, like a lot of musicians, purchased a number of books, only to find them gathering dust on my shelf after a few weeks. The content is limited or requires a large amount of time to extract any useful information.

    Steve’s new book is definitely different. It is well written, easy to use (especially on iPads) and provides a great way to play through minor II V sequences. I am a regular gigging musician who has a full time day job, so practice time is tight. Steve’s book clearly explains a great way to structure your practice over changes that appear everywhere in the jazz repertoire. He gives you a method to individually craft your lines and add depth to your playing.

    Yes, you will have to put effort into this, but unlike a lot of jazz education materials, this one pays off in spades.

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