One Bar Bebop Blues Lesson

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Add some Bebop to your Blues playing! In this lesson, I offer you a simple approach to adding a Bebop flavor to your Blues. By utilizing these simple One Bar Bebop Blues, I teach you how to take your Blues playing beyond the Blues Scales you might already be familiar with and start adding that Bebop sound you hear all the great Jazz players use.
This lesson is a great introduction to “jazzing up” your blues for both the beginner, as well as the intermediate player who wants to start exploring the Bebop language over the familiar Blues form. By keeping things simple and internalizing these One Bar Bebop Blues, you’ll be able to quickly absorb the sound and style of the great Jazz Blues players. I demonstrate each lick and show you how I go about practicing and using these licks over a twelve bar blues.
You’ll learn how to play each lick through the blues form and then you’ll learn how to alter, mix, match and combine these simple one bar phrases, to create flowing Bebop lines.
By practicing these licks through the Blues form, I’ll show you how you can train your ears and fingers to start hearing and assimilating the Bebop language as you build your Jazz vocabulary. These phrases are the very same licks and patterns you’ve heard from the great Jazz Blues players like Sonny Stitt, Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderly, Gene Ammons, and Hank Mobley.
Listen as I demonstrate not only how to play and practice these licks, but also how to develop a concept for analyzing these licks so that you can learn, remember, and transpose them through the form with ease.
You’ll also learn the Bebop Dominant Scale as I demonstrate how you can add this scale to the One Bar Bebop Blues and take your Blues playing even further.
Finally, I demonstrate how you can use these licks with your Blues Scales, by combining these ideas with the licks, ideas and concepts covered in my previous lessons.
If you liked Using the Blues Scale Part 1 & 2 and One Bar Blues Licks you’ll love One Bar Bebop Blues.  (Audio)


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    A great lesson. I love the way you emphasize learning a few licks, learning them really well, then altering them and finally, mixing and matching them to form an original idea. It kind of reinforces the idea that it isn’t so much about knowing a million licks, but rather, knowing a few really well and then being able to personalize and vary those licks and string them together to make a longer phrase. Again, great lesson and thanks

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    This is a great lesson, it’s a really big piece to the jigsaw I am building, I have practiced a few of the licks and I am excited about learning them and applying them to my playing. If your looking for gold then you have found it with this lesson it is a great way to infuse the blues chord progression with a bit of jazz! Really masterfully done Steve well done!

    Kindest Regards Stephen (selmerc*)

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