Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale Lesson 13

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This is Lesson 13  of my series on “Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale”.  In this lesson I introduce you to two new bebop links to work on #4 and #5.  I give you five lines to practice in all keys that mix up the links that we have worked on so far.  I teach you how to think about shortcuts when looking at patterns and licks and give you a few ideas on how I look at these links.  I also give you a new resolution links that you can use to easily create II-V-I patterns using the bebop scale lines.  This is an exciting  series of lessons if you are someone who really wants to master the bebop language.  This lesson comes with a  PDF and I demonstrate the examples with the tenor saxophone.   (Video,Audio & PDF)

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    Steve Mann

    My first lesson and its great to have the examples played,makes everything much clearer. Its as if the teacher is in your living room.Always great to have another horn player in the house. You break it down to practice and ear training.

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