Steve- I joined your site this month and have downloaded 4 lessons and also purchased your new book and video on diatonic patterns. I just want to say I am very pleased with your approach and teaching techniques. I am getting back into playing after laying off for some time. The information you offer on your site is of great value and I am enjoying being a member. Thank you for what you are doing for the saxophone community.


Hi Steve,
I live in a gorgeous but rural area of Oregon-no music store within 80 miles. Your lessons are my lifeline!  Truly the best there are anywhere online. Love your playing. Love your teaching.  Thanks again.

Ed Woodmansee

I am a music book junkie and I have to say that your books are the most clear, user friendly, and helpful books I own.  They are my absolute favorites and I only wish I had them years ago.  I wouldn’t change a thing about the experience I had in acquiring my degree at Berklee, but my playing has perhaps grown more in the time I’ve spent buried in your books and lessons.  Keep up the great work!!!


I want to thank you again, because, not only are you an inspiration to listen to, you are a fine teacher!

I have been teaching sax and other winds for over 20 years, and you give me that “push” to give my students more!

Mark Peotter

Mark Peotter

Thanks so much for putting all this great learning material out there. I don’t often have the time to take a lesson with a teacher, so the ability to download lessons is really invaluable. My playing has improved enormously (I think :)) – and the lessons are so varied there’s always something to be inspired by. Incredible value too!


Hello Steve, I’m getting so much out of your lessons and books, amazing how much one may think one knows, there is always a new frontier or new way to view something you think you had somewhat down. You have taken it all to a new level and am so grateful. Your lessons are so down to earth and understandable and clear!  Thanks so much Steve! Cheers, Eddie

Eddie Parente

Two years later I began a search for a sax teacher and happened to come across Steve Neff when I was searching YouTube for sax teachers.  I went to neffmusic.com and was very impressed with the lessons Steve Neff was offering.  The concept of selecting lessons was an approach that I thought was unique and purchased a few lessons.  I liked the lessons so much that I signed-up for a 6 month package.

I was very happy with all the lessons I selected.  I also purchased Steve’s book Mastering the Blues Scale that contains 100 licks or patterns in all 12 keys.  I quickly selected the lesson for the overview of the book and the lesson where Steve demonstrates all 100 licks. Hearing them played by Steve was great, since you can hear the various articulations which makes a great difference to the sound of the licks.

Using the book and corresponding 2 lessons made a dramatic improvement in my soloing that is incredible to say the least.  Even my wife and daughter said my playing has improved and they rarely make any comments about my sax playing.  My daughter even picked out 3 licks that are her favorites – Unbelievable!

I strongly recommend to any one who wants to learn to play sax or play better to try a few of Steve’s lessons.  You will not regret it.


I like so many other subscribers feel so encouraged by Steve’s learning techniques; you will enjoy reading the comments of praise others have left as you too will feel that you share a common view and path. I feel very lucky to have come across Neffmusic and that feeling will remain with you as you search through a treasure trove of learning materials on offer, you will quickly find the lessons that you are suited to. You will instantly recognize the unparalleled quality of Steve’s teaching style as technique and theory are rolled out to you in a way that demystifies anything you have puzzled over before. I have found this experience extremely rewarding, I feel I have grown and continue to grow, even going back to basics leaves a feeling of satisfaction, having the knowledge that you can completely trust learning materials is so important; therefore the format of Neffmusic is a great way to learn! Kindest Regards Stephen


I have NEVER seen material like yours.  Amazing!!



I have played for many years and have enjoyed going “back to the basics” in some of your lessons!  You have such a gift for explaining concepts.  As I have gotten older, some of the basic things have gotten muddled because I just play, not knowing why.  As I refresh myself with “why”, it increases my confidence and expands my playing.  Thank you so much for using your gift!  You are a blessing!