Creating Modern II-V-I Lines with Simple Pentatonics Lesson

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In this new lesson entitled “Creating Modern II-V-I Lines with Simple Pentatonics Lesson”, I teach you a simple approach to using two minor pentatonic scales to produce very hip and modern sounding lines over a ii-7 V7 IMaj7 progression.  This progression is one of the most common chord progressions in jazz and applying these cool pentatonic scales to the progression is a simple way of coming up with new melodic and harmonic material.

In this 52 minute lesson video, I play the soprano saxophone as I demonstrate how to conceptualize this concept as well as how to best practice the material for optimal results.  I demonstrate all of the lines in the PDF that is included with the lesson to a play along so you can hear how the lines sound with the chords.  I also show you many ways to improvise with the material by using creative ideas using rhythmic and line displacements.

This is a simple but revolutionary concept that once mastered can really give you a ton of new and modern intervallic ideas and lines to use over jazz standards.  (52 Minute Video Lesson, 12 PDF sheets of 8 pentatonic patterns to practice in all 12 keys, 12 Play Along Tracks of looped  ii-V-I progressions in all 12 keys)


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    Tony (verified owner)

    Hi Steve. Thanks for helping me download the new Creating Modern II-V-1 Lines with Simple Pentatonics lesson. I just wanted to say how brilliant this lesson is. I have been using your material for years but this lesson is so useful in reminding one of the basics – what pentatonics to use over II-V-I’s, playing outside on the V bar, starting on different notes and using different patterns and rhythms, keeping time and not being too worried when you make a blooper. I’m really looking forward to studying this lesson in detail and applying it to my repertoire. This lesson really does encapsulate so much of the sound advice you have offered over the years.

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