Soloing on a Minor Blues with Altered Pentatonics Lesson



In this lesson, we are taking a more in-depth look at the use of altered pentatonic variations to play cool altered pentatonic lines over a minor blues.   This lesson uses 8 pentatonic scales over a minor blues from my book “Mastering Altered Pentatonics”. You will need that book to get the most out of this lesson and to move beyond the lesson material.

In this lesson, I show you how to apply different pentatonic scales to a minor blues to give you a foundation that you can expand upon with further study of the pentatonic patterns in my book.  These altered pentatonic lines sound great over a minor blues and can give the soloist a ton of ideas to draw from.

I take you step by step teaching you about each scale and the alterations used and why.  I teach you how to best practice and utilize the material so that it is retained and able to be used while improvising.  I demonstrate all the lines to a blues inD minor (C minor concert) and demonstrate all the lines on the soprano saxophone.

(39 Minute Video Lesson,  PDF of  altered pentatonics to use over a D Minor blues)



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