Playing Outside-NEW Altered Pentatonic Lesson

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In this lesson, we are taking a more in-depth look at the use of altered pentatonics to play “outside” a key center.   I made a lesson many years ago that was called “Playing Outside-Altered Pentatonic-One Degree of Separation” that looked at 5 altered pentatonic scales and how we could use them to play “Outside” on a minor tonality.

In this lesson, we take another look at those 5 original altered pentatonics but also look at 7 more altered pentatonics.  I demonstrate using them over a groove in D minor (C concert) as I apply the altered pentatonics to them on the soprano saxophone.  I teach you the importance of getting the scales down but also of hearing the altered notes and how they sound against the minor chords. I teach how to resolve the notes and demonstrate weaving back and forth between the altered pentatonic scale and the home base scale of D minor pentatonic.  

This is a great lesson if you struggle with adding variety and “outside” lines to your favorite minor grooves.  Mastering these altered pentatonics will give you access to a range of sounds that will make other musicians ask what you were playing and thinking on your last solo……..

(47 Minute Video Lesson, PDF of altered pentatonics in D minor)

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    Super lesson. You hear the sound of Branford Marsalis, Coltrane (My Favorite Things), Brecker come to life. Steve’s reference to Kenny Garrett playing Human Nature is most fitting. I remember a video where Kenny just kills it and Miles is so excited, he’s chewing his gum like there’s no tomorrow and sweat is dripping from beneath his wig. Moreover Steve sounds unleashed on some examples… great playing. Pentatonic 7 is what Herbie Hancock plays in Summertime (w. Joni Mitchell), I analysed it as augmented major 7 on the 7th of the 1 chord, and here you have it.

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