Altered Dominant Bebop Scale-Lesson 1



This is a video lesson on an exciting new concept that I have recently discovered.  In this lesson,  I introduce you to what I call the Altered Dominant Bebop Scale.  I have taken the Altered scale and turned it into an altered bebop scale.  It is similar in concept to the dominant bebop scale except instead of accenting the 1,3,5,b7 of the dominant chord it accents the 1,#9,#11 and b13 on the downbeats.  These altered notes are great to land on over an altered dominant tonality.  Besides those altered notes the scale also has the b9,3,b7,11 so it hits all the altererations of the normal altered scale.

This is a brand new idea for me that I’ve been working on over the last few days.  I’m excited to see where practicing this with the dominant bebop scale will take my lines over common ii-V-I progressions.  Join me as we work through this altered dominant bebop scale concept together.  I have included 12 PDF sheets of the scale in all keys and a few exercises to practice in all keys in order to start getting the scale under your fingers.  I play many examples on my soprano to a background track so you can hear how it sounds.(27 Minute Video Lesson & PDF)


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