Dominant Bebop Scale Around the Circle Lesson

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The circle of fifths is a fundamental progression that is a must for every serious jazz student to master.  In the majority of jazz standards the chords move in this circle of fifth pattern.  C,F,Bb,Eb,Ab,etc…………..  Memorizing this pattern and being able to navigate it while improvising  is one of the most important things you can learn to do as a jazz student and improviser.  Once you master the circle of fifths, you can practice every pattern and concept through this pattern to make sure you can play it in every key.

In this lesson, I teach you how to practice the dominant bebop scale in every key by practicing around the circle of fifths. I take you through the process of how to create patterns and play them through every key.  This is a great method to learn all your keys as well as all your resolution links. By practicing in this way,  you will become fluent in every key while mastering the common circle of fifths so that you will never forget it.  I demonstrate everything throughout the lesson on the saxophone. This lesson also includes a pdf of 7 patterns as examples as well as a pdf of the circle of fifths for reference. (28 Minute Audio Lesson)


1 review for Dominant Bebop Scale Around the Circle Lesson

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    Sneeky Jones

    I enjoyed Neff’s Bebop scale around the 5ths lesson. This lesson picks up right where the original bebop lesson ends. Having the scale under my fingers, learning various ways to use links and create altered lines, now knowing the proper ways to practice this type stuff… it’s all coming together now! I just love how he gives us the outline on how to learn how to really improve. Why stop with just the circle of 5ths. I’ll remember this lesson, and incorporate it into my daily routine.

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