Two years later I began a search for a sax teacher and happened to come across Steve Neff when I was searching YouTube for sax teachers.  I went to neffmusic.com and was very impressed with the lessons Steve Neff was offering.  The concept of selecting lessons was an approach that I thought was unique and purchased a few lessons.  I liked the lessons so much that I signed-up for a 6 month package.

I was very happy with all the lessons I selected.  I also purchased Steve’s book Mastering the Blues Scale that contains 100 licks or patterns in all 12 keys.  I quickly selected the lesson for the overview of the book and the lesson where Steve demonstrates all 100 licks. Hearing them played by Steve was great, since you can hear the various articulations which makes a great difference to the sound of the licks.

Using the book and corresponding 2 lessons made a dramatic improvement in my soloing that is incredible to say the least.  Even my wife and daughter said my playing has improved and they rarely make any comments about my sax playing.  My daughter even picked out 3 licks that are her favorites – Unbelievable!

I strongly recommend to any one who wants to learn to play sax or play better to try a few of Steve’s lessons.  You will not regret it.

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