Mastering The Dominant Bebop Scale Lesson 1

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In this series of lessons I take you step by step through the process of mastering the dominant bebop scale. The dominant bebop scale is a vital ingredient to mastering the bebop style. I take you from the very beginning of learning the scales and how to practice them all the way through to adding bebop links to the scales as well as resolution links. In this first lesson we talk about how the scale is built and I demonstrate how to practice the scale starting on the roots and traveling around the circle of 5ths. The goal of this lesson series is for you too be completely comfortable with this scale in all keys and to have mastered dozens of bebop phrases and licks. By the end of this series your bebop language will be transformed. You will need my book “Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale ” to get the most out of these lessons. Enjoy!  (Video & Audio)


4 reviews for Mastering The Dominant Bebop Scale Lesson 1

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    I like these lessons. I am using these lessons to get to grip with playing bebop. I have progressed to lesson 5 so far. They are simply laid out. You don’t have too much to work on at once. I would recommend them.

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    Andrew Houston

    This series is fantastic. Each lesson contains very logical and easy to follow plans. Following the method that Steve lays out is well worth the effort and I am seeing improvement in my own playing.

    I really enjoy each step as it is introduced and the challenge of moving each exercise through every key ascending and descending and starting on different chord tones. This method also has significant merit and application in any scales or patterns that you play.

    Each lesson contains a great deal of work but the beauty of this system is that you can work through it at your own pace and listen or watch the same lesson over again as you need or wish.

    I have paid other teachers far greater money for less information.

    The links that Steve introduces into the scales also give you many more options and ideas and they sound great too.

    Highly recommended!

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    I am now in the 10th lesson of this series and I am excited as a child with a new toy in christmas! I’ve been playing alto sax since 1992 and lost many years with teachers here and there who never really knew how to teach. I was stuck for years and years until I found this site.

    Steve is incredible good both as musician and as teacher, not every good musician can do teaching well. He has that talent, among others, he knows how to make you improve at your instrument. I am from Mexico and my english is not very good, so be sure I am short at what I want to express when talking about Steve.

    I highly recomend being a member of this site, the benefits are priceless!

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    Andrew Harris

    OK, you’ve all seen the 5 star ratings (including mine) so you already know this is a terrific course – as usual from Steve. I thought I would share my practical experience of using it and hopefully it will help you decide whether to invest the time needed to work through these materials.

    I’m basically an enthusiastic beginner, after playing sax for about a year. I know my major scales, but haven’t learnt the blues scales yet (yes Steve, I know I should do that first). I want to sound half decent on my tenor as fast as possible, but I started as an adult and have too little time to practice. I love that bebop sound, but don’t know where to start with it. Most of all, I’m daunted by the seemingly endless things I have to learn even to play a reasonable solo over a basic tune. Maybe there are a few others like me out there 🙂

    I came across this series and thought I would have a go at it even though it is listed under “intermediate” rather than “beginner”. Because it is progressive, you can take it at your own speed and gradually work through the materials. Steve breaks down the learning into manageable chunks that don’t feel too overwhelming as long as you take your time. Here are my experiences:

    First, it does take quite some time investment (especially if you are early in your sax career, like me). It’s taken me about 3 months to get to lesson 7 or so. Realistically I’m expecting the whole course will take me 6-9 months to do it properly.

    Second, especially for the first few lessons which focus on the scales and chord tones, you just have to work through it. Once Steve introduces the links (around lesson 7 or 8 I think) you immediately start to sound significantly better. Literally, you put in one single link and it already sounds like you know what you’re doing! Something to look forward to when you start to get bogged down in playing Db downwards from the b7 🙂

    Third, it’s highly motivational and easy to get into what you are learning. You really hear yourself make progress every single week (as does anyone who has to listen to you practice). My family is constantly telling me how much improvement I am making.

    Fourth, you absolutely WILL learn your scales and chord tones, inside out. I did the flashcard thing and can now name all my 7 chords no problem. Extremely helpful for knowing how to resolve lines etc. Steve says in the lessons that you should ideally know all this stuff before you start. On the other hand, the course will force you to catch up, and fast.

    Fifth, a weird thing happens after a while. More and more as I play the materials, I’m starting to “feel” the scales in my fingers. I know it sounds strange, but each scale really does have a different feel to it. I’ve almost reached the point now where I think “F#7″ and “third”, and miraculously the right scale comes out starting on the A#! I couldn’t even tell you what notes I’m playing, it just seems to happen automatically. Probably all the experienced players out there get that feeling all the time, but for me I still find it amazing when it happens.

    So, in summary – should you take on this course as a beginner? I would say as long as you are motivated to practice and keep at it for a few months, you will see enormous improvement very quickly. It will be reasonably hard work, but if you put in the effort your playing will be transformed. For me at least, this is BY FAR the best decision I ever made in terms of how to invest my limited practice time.

    I hope this review is helpful for you. If you do decide to go ahead, I wish you good luck and trust your experiences will be as good as mine!

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