Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing (Digital PDF Book)

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An inside approach to outside playing using pentatonics, chromaticism, 3-tonic systems, 4-tonic system, tri-tone substitutions, whole-tone scales, diminished scales, altered scales, melodic minor scales and intervallic patterns to produce modern sounding lines in the style of Michael Brecker and Bob Berg.  Devastating Dominant Lines contains 75 16th note lines written out in all 12 keys that can be used over dominant tonalities.  These lines give the student functional ideas that weave in and out of the tonality to produce a modern and “outside” sound. ( if you are interested in the printed book it can be found here.)

Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing

This PDF book is 138 pages long and is written out in all 12 dominant keys.

Included with this book are:

A 2 Hour and 4 Minute Video Lesson-a video lesson about the book, how to best practice from it and me explaining the concept involved for each line in the book.  I demonstrate the concepts using the soprano saxophone to a dominant play along track…………

This book is an excellent resource for intermediate to advanced students of jazz improvisation and will help you to develop some great modern lines that will amaze you friends and make your competition shudder………..

The lines in this book are not for the faint of heart, it will take a lot of practice and hard work to get them down.  Don’t give up,  stay focused and you too can master these modern devastating lines to amaze your friends, family and fellow musicians…………..

Remember,  use the power and knowledge these lines give you for good, not evil.  In the wrong hands these could cause severe damage and even brain trauma.  Overused, and other musicians might become jealous of your “awesomeness” and you might never get called for the gig again.  Used to the right degree though, and your future will be bright.

Have Fun,    Steve

PS.  This is a huge file to download of 371.9 MBs so please download from a stable high speed internet connection for best results.

4 reviews for Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing (Digital PDF Book)

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    Eddie (verified owner)

    Having so much fun with these lines, really opening my ears and mind. Fingers too! Thanks Steve

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    Joff England (verified owner)

    Just got the digital version of Devastating Dominant Lines which comes with a great 2 hour video of Steve playing the whopping 75 examples (written in all 12 keys) and chatting about the genesis of these killer lines. Some are from Bob Berg lots from Brecker and Coltrane and some are Steve’s own creations. What I love about this book is that Steve includes the implied harmony that each line creates over a static dominant, this gives you a real insight into the creative process of inventing similar lines for yourself, but trust me, you’re going to find it hard to avoid stealing these as they are. If you’ve been working on your chord tones and modes and are wondering how to now step outside with integrity then you’re gonna love this book.

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    Luciano Florio

    The book that changed my life! I started listening to the minor devastasting lessons, but when the book came out I didn’t doubt to purchase it… this book comes with infinite possibilities of combining great patterns and sounds that will change the way that you hear music forever… Now I can interpret the intricate lines of the word class saxophonists… one possibility that I would like to share is to combine the same link transposing it to different keys… thanks Steve!

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    Mark White

    Steve, thanks for sharing your jazz language in your books. I love your books titled “Devastating Minor Lines” and “Devastating Dominant Lines”. I had to take several years off from being a musician so I could be a single parent. Now I’m back to playing and your books gave me some good inspiration. I am good at both reading music and playing by ear, so your books really speed up the process of increasing my vocabulary.

    I actually couldn’t remember some of my old vocabulary or I didn’t feel good about some of my old vocabulary. I couldn’t reconnect with some of my old vocabulary (if that makes sense). But I immediately connected with some of the vocabulary that you shared.

    I plan on doing a lot of recording soon and I will share with you when I realize I’m using some of your vocabulary. I find that I integrate your vocabulary with mine very easily. I find that I can blend my vocabulary with yours and that’s why it works so well for me. I actually already knew some of your interval vocabulary. I think we got some of it from “Patterns for Jazz”. I found that book very useful for some vocabulary. I also remember learning interval vocabulary from modern sax players, and I realized that it was easy to make up your own interval lines. Anyway, thanks for your help.

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