24 Short Blues Licks Lesson



“Play the blues scale”  “Just play the blues scale”    All across the country, you hear this advice given in every band room.  Students sit with a blank looks on their faces as band directors tell them to use this or that blues scale on their solo.  The advice never goes much farther than that and many kids end up playing solos that they are less than happy about. What many of these students need is a head start.  A few examples of what to play and how to play it………..Here you go!

In this video lesson I take you through 24 short blues licks on the alto sax. These are for the G blues scale on alto sax. I’ve also included a copy for the C blues scale if you want to play them on tenor sax also.  I wrote these blues licks years ago for my students that were working on the blues scale and needed a few quality licks to play using them.  These are great blues licks that you can practice and add to your existing jazz vocabulary.  I talk about how I practice them and how to  add them to your playing in the best way.  I play all of them with a background track so you can hear how they sound. (30 Minute Video Lesson & PDF)


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