Playing Outside-4 Note Pentatonic Cells Lesson

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Playing Outside-Outside 4 Note Pentatonic Cells is another lesson on modern jazz improvisation.  In this lesson we take a look at “playing outside” the tonality of a tune by shifting out of a minor 6th pentatonic using specific 4 note cells derived from a pentatonic scale in another key.

In this 34 minute video lesson, I show you how to shift outside of a key momentarily using 4 note cells chosen from other pentatonic scales. This concept gives the soloist a sound that quickly shifts in and out of the key being played in. I demonstrate the technique on the soprano saxophone with a play along track. I have also included a PDF sheet of some minor 6th pentatonic lines as well as a PDF of 7 cells that sound amazing when inserted into these minor 6th lines.

This lesson goes hand in hand with my lesson “Modern Minor 6th Pentatonic Lines” and is a great lesson for those of you who want to grow in your ability to play “outside” fresh lines that sound modern and impressive.(34 minute video, 2 PDF sheets)

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    nigel bispham

    This lesson is genius! It has completely revolutionised my approach to playing outside. Steve’s real strength is that he not only provides a really clear rationale for how to approach a new concept, with lots of inspiring examples, but he leaves the door open for you to use your own creativity to rapidly make what you have learned your own. In fact, he actively encourages this, which for me is the mark of a great teacher, in so much as he can present an idea in such a way as to really inspire you to want to use it in your improvisation. I defy any serious improviser not to find this lesson incredibly useful and worth its weight in gold!

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