Playing Outside-Chromaticism 1 Lesson

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This is the first of many lessons that will deal with playing outside of the chord changes. In this lesson I talk about using some simple chromatic patterns to create lines that create a modern “outside”sound to your solos. I teach how to practice these lines and also how to play them so they don’t sound contrived and lame. This lesson just deals with playing over a static modal sound like E minor. I demonstrate all the patterns on my tenor using a BP NY Link .108 with a custom baffle. this lesson comes with a pdf sheet of the 4 chromatic patterns used and 3 examples of how to use them.  (Audio & PDF)

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    Switching from inside to outside playing is not easy for me, it just doesn’t sound natural or relaxed. One of the reasons is that I tend to play to complicated lines.

    Steve’s lesson showed me how you can play outside by inserting simple chromatic patterns. This makes it easier and more natural for me.

    Steve’s lessons typically start with a simple, but effective concept and progress step for step and in a logical way. He’s a great teacher.

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