Improving Your Rhythm in 3 Lesson

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This lesson is similar to my last lesson on rhythm entitled “Improving You Rhythm”. In this lesson I’m dealing with the 3/4 time signature. This is a very common time feel in jazz and other types of music and it is very important to be able to play with a great feel when playing in 3/4. So often young players will be at a loss when a tune is called that is in three. In this lesson I start you on a very basic path to feeling the pulse and meter of a tune in three. I also talk about ways that you can practice so that you get use to 2 and 4 bar phrases in this meter. This lesson comes with a pdf sheet of sample rhythms that you can use over a 3/4 time signature. i demonstrate many of the exercises on the tenor sax.   (Audio)

1 review for Improving Your Rhythm in 3 Lesson

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    Don’t get caught out! If you “sorta kinda” muddle your way through tunes in 3/4 this lesson is a must. Get it. Learn it. Apply Steve’s approach to any other time signature you’re uncomfortable with. It works!

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