The Style of Charlie Parker-Major Bird Licks Lesson

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In this lesson I show you what I consider the best Charlie Parker Licks over a Major chord. For years I studied out of the Omnibook but had a hard time transferring what I was learning into my improvisations. it wasn’t until I took apart the solos and took out my favorite licks and phrases and started working on them over the applicable chords that I started to really see success. In this lesson I share 35 of my favorite “Bird” licks that can be used over Major chords. All 35 licks are written out in all 12 keys. If you can master these you will be amazed at the progress you will see in your jazz playing. i demonstrate all 35 licks on my soprano to a major playalong and talk about how to practice them in all keys.   (Audio Lesson, 36 PDF pages of material  in all 12 keys)

1 review for The Style of Charlie Parker-Major Bird Licks Lesson

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    Stephen LaBrooy

    This is a great lesson, Steve shows considerable skill running out some of these licks. It was one of the first lessons that I downloaded 4 months ago and during this time I have left it on the shelf, I now feel my playing has progressed with an assortment of Steve’s lessons to the extent I will now be able to make some valuable progress with it

    Kindest Regards Stephen (selmerc*)

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