10 A Section Rhythm Changes Lesson

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In this lesson I  show you 10 A section Rhythm Changes solos that I’ve written out. These solos are are a collection of great lines that I have collected from the likes of Bob Berg, Hank Mobley, John Coltrane,  Johnny Griffin and others. this lesson originated from  having students work on Rhythm Changes and I would give them a line to memorize for the week. i found that by memorizing a great line the students could get a better feel and idea of how a solo on rhythm Changes should flow and  move. A PDF of all 10 lines is included in the lesson and I demonstrate all the lines on my tenor sax. Enjoy! (Audio Lesson)


2 reviews for 10 A Section Rhythm Changes Lesson

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    This is a fantastic lesson that addresses many different aspects of playing over Rhythm Changes. By selecting and demonstrating the solo ideas of the masters, Steve’s lesson not only gives me a repertoire of phrases to play, but by shedding these lines my ears start to hear the changes and my fingers learn to move in 4ths. Since Rhythm Changes are something we all have to come to terms with, this lesson is an indispensable addition to my daily practice. Well done and thanks Steve!

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    I couldn’t agree with Mansax more, this lesson has given me more enjoyment than anything I have previously worked on. The 10 phrases Steve has given to work on are all different but connected with the same style. I love playing them and feel that some of the effort has embedded itself into my playing. I have been working on these for a month and now have them all memorized, (I have detailed how I did this in my forum progress). Steve has commented he will be adding several more lessons on this subject shortly, I can’t wait!

    Kindest Regards Stephen (selmerc*)

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