II-V-I Altered Scale Mastery-Lesson 1



Many of us have heard that we should “practice our scales”……

In this lesson I show you a method to practice your dorian,altered and major bebop scales in all 12 keys.

The goal of this lesson is for you to become proficient with all 3 of these scales and to be able to link them together effortlessly while playing through chord changes in any key.

I have included a PDF of 8 sample exercises to get you started and talk about how to practice them with the play along provided.

After practicing the material in this lesson you will no longer be unsure of how to connect these three scales together through II-V-I progressions. I demonstrate the examples on the tenor saxophone. (30 Minute Video Lesson, II-V-I play along in all 12 keys for Concert, Bb and Eb Instruments, 2 PDF chord and exercise sheets)


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