Playing Outside-3 Tonic Chromaticism Lesson



Here is another great lesson on playing outside the changes.  When I was younger I would always get asked by other musicians what these lines were I was using on the fast sections of my solos. I would always tell them it was just a combination of chromaticism with 3 tonic stuff used in a random way.  I would usually just get blank stares back.   In this lesson I introduce you to the concept of using Coltranes 3 tonic system chromatically to weave in and out of a tonality.  I show you how to resolve these lines and how to practice them to get the most out of them.  I show you in detail how I use these lines and demonstrate over a couple of minor blues progressions so you can hear the process first hand.  If you work on this lesson as well as the Playing Outside-Chromaticism lessons you will develop some pretty intense lines. You too can then get those blank stares from other musicians as they wonder what the heck your playing!(Audio,Video & PDF) (30 minutes)


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