Diminished Blues Workout-Lesson 1

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Diminished Blues Workout Lesson 1 is a series of lessons to thoroughly teach you how to use the diminished scale effectively over dominant chords and diminished 7th chords. Instead of just talking about how to use the diminished scale we are actually applying it to a standard 12 bar blues and using this form to master it’s use and application. This is a great lesson series if you know your diminished scales but have always been shaky on where and when to use them.

In lesson 1, I demonstrate where in a D blues to use these scales and then show you how to construct them and think of them while you are improvising. The goal of this lesson series is for you to integrate these cool sounding scales and patterns into your existing improvisational vocabulary in a way that sounds authentic and convincing. Walk through this series with me and you will never be hesitant about where and how you can use the diminished scale again! (36 Minute Video Lesson, Diminished Blues Workout Lesson 1 PDF in C.Bb and Eb)

3 reviews for Diminished Blues Workout-Lesson 1

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    Hello Mr. Neff,
    just purchased your Diminished blues‏ workout lesson, LOVE IT!!
    and keep up the great work!!!!

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    Dietmar (verified owner)

    Hi Steve, i purchased this lesson recently and i like the practical hints you give here.
    I am a Hobby saxophone Player. I try to incorporate Vb9 and dim chords into my blues
    playing. Unfortunately i suffer mostly when i try to use These scales together with Blues playalongs because it is so difficult for me to time These scales correctly into the corresponding beat. To say it simple i loose control during improvisation and often miss the beat where to apply the dim scale or Vb9 scale. this is much more a Problem for me compared to noodling pentatonic or blues scales all over 12 beats. 🙂

    • Steve

      Steve (verified owner)

      Hi Dietmar,
      It sounds like you need to do more practicing with lines of a certain length. For example practice just playing one measure of eight note diminished line resolving to beat one of the next measure. Do that over and over again until you don’t have to count but are feeling it. Then try a 2 measure lines resolving to beat 1 of measure 3. Once you have the 2 measure feel down it’s a lot easier to think of a blues as 6 sets of 2 bar lines or 3 sets of 4 bar lines. The key is getting to the point that you feel it. If you have to count then you are not there yet. Steve

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    Dietmar floegel (verified owner)

    Thank you very much. Yes, often things are so simple and thinking complicated makes it too difficult to proceed 🙂

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