Diminished Scale 7th Chords Lesson



The diminished scale is one of the coolest and hippest scales and sounds to master.  When I was in college, I remember a time where I would go into the stairwell in the music building between 1AM and 2AM and practice diminished scales and patterns for that hour.  I loved the sound of the scale as it echoed throughout the stairwell.  I did this for a few months.   I remember spending a lot of time on this exercise that I’m giving you today.

In this lesson I take you on another approach to the diminished scale.  I teach you  how to break the diminished scale into  two diminished seventh chords.  As you alternate these two diminished seventh chords you can create some great diminished lines.  Approaching the scale from this angle can really open up the possibilities for you.  The great thing about these patterns and ideas is that you can use them anywhere that you can use your diminished scales.  I include a pdf with four exercises that will help you to master these diminished seventh chords up and down the instrument as well as demonstrating these exercises for you.   I also talk about effective ways to practice these for the most benefit. (27 Minute Video Lesson)


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