Pentatonics Lesson 2-Minor 6th Pentatonic

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In this, Lesson 2 on the Pentatonic Scales, I teach you the Minor 6th Pentatonic. This scale is a fantastic addition to the basic Minor Pentatonic Scale you’ve already worked on in my previous pentatonic lesson. This Minor 6th Pentatonic Scale will really open up your playing and give you a whole lot of new material that will break you out of playing the same old licks and really modernize your sound. If you’re a fan of Jerry Bergonzi or Michael Brecker, if you’ve listened to McCoy Tyner, you’ve heard this scale. This is a great modern sound that gets you playing in that hip intervallic style.
I demonstrate the scale for you and show you how you can apply it to both the Dominant and Minor 7b5, or Half Diminished chords. I show you how to learn and memorize these scales and how to begin using them over standards. I demonstrate how you can combine the Minor 6 Pentatonic Scale with the basic Minor Pentatonic Scale we covered in lesson one, and play over Major, Minor, Dominant and Half Diminished chords in a fresh modern way. Listen as I demonstrate this approach on the standard tune “All the things you are”, I play through the changes using these two scales and show you how to start simply and gradually build your lines, as your familiarity with this new scale grows. I demonstrate and explain how you can practice the Minor 6 Pentatonic Scale over a simple two chord vamp and build your proficiency at outlining the changes.
Freshen up your playing and modernize your sound with the Minor 6 Pentatonic Scale!
This lesson comes with a PDF sheet that shows the Minor 6 Pentatonic Scale in every key and shows you which chord to apply it to.  (Audio & PDF)


3 reviews for Pentatonics Lesson 2-Minor 6th Pentatonic

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    Please see my review on the Pentatonics Lesson 1. This is more great stuff to raise your understanding and application to mastering pentatonics. Thank you for the great lessons Steve. They simply couldn’t be better. C.N.

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    A great lesson for any player at any level. Steve makes this stuff fun and you actually get to hear how to use these scales and patterns. The minor pentatonic over a related major chord, sounds great!

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    This lesson is great. I am excited at all the vocabulary I am getting from Steve’s lessons. Using this minor 6 pentatonic over a dominant chord gives you a new kind of sound. I am studying the dominant bebop scale, and this scale sounds really different and refreshing.

    Highly recomended.

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