Diatonic Fourth Patterns Lesson



Diatonic fourth patterns are a must for any serious student of jazz.  Years ago I remember hearing recordings of Eddie Harris and Joe Farrell from the 70’s.  They were using larger intervals in there solos that sounded really interesting and cool to me but I wasn’t sure what they were doing.  Later,  I found out that they were using lines with fourths in them.  The reason fourths are so distinct and unique sounding is that they break away from the interval of the third that is so common in jazz.   Playing lines in fourths breaks away from the common third and creates lines that are very different sounding.  They are valuable because they give you  melodic material you can use that is unique and modern sounding.  By working on your diatonic fourths you will  equip yourself with a thorough knowledge of the major scale as you improve your technique.

In this lesson,  I show you 4 common patterns using diatonic fourths.  The key to getting more advanced lines into your improvisation is to first master these diatonic fourth patterns by getting them under your fingers and in your ears.  I give you all the tips on how to best do this and demonstrate them for you on the soprano sax with some background music. This lesson also includes a 12 page pdf of the patterns in every key so that you may master them in all 12 keys.  This is a fundamental lesson that you don’t want to miss.  If you have been playing for years and have never worked on your diatonic fourths, it’s not too late. Enjoy!  (Video)


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