Minor ii-7b5-V7b9 Substitution Lesson 1

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Here is another lesson on the dreaded minor ii-V-i progression.  In this lesson I show you 6 possible chord substitution ideas that you can use over a minor ii-V-i.

The first one is a trade secret that most intermediate jazz players do not even know about.  I did not know about it for probably 20 years and then when I found out it immediately improved my minor ii-V playing 100%.

Subtitutions 2-6 are more related to outside playing and altered tensions over the underlying chords.

I demonstrate all the examples on the soprano saxophone and have included a PDF and play along for you to practice these concepts over in concert D minor.(35 Minute Video Lesson, PDF of 6 substitutions to work on in concert D minor and a ii-V-i play along in concert D minor to practice over)

2 reviews for Minor ii-7b5-V7b9 Substitution Lesson 1

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    soruyoavila (verified owner)

    Great! just amazing! God…if I just could play half of that! I will definetly start trying using this concepts on my playing.

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    Merritt Smith (verified owner)

    Man this is really awesome. I got a lot out this one. I’ve been working on the diminished
    scale quite a bit trying to incorporate it more in my playing. This lesson was huge help because I could really focus on sounds I’ve been hearing but unable to articulate. Thanks for another great lesson Steve.

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