Modern Minor 6th Pentatonic Lines Lesson

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In Modern Minor 6th Pentatonic Lines Lesson,  I move past the concept of minor 6th penatonics (which I introduced you to in my Pentatonics-Lesson 2-Minor 6th Pentatonics Lesson) and give you 9 killer minor 6th pentatonic lines that I use often on dominant chords and minor chords.

These 9 lines are written out in all 12 keys and help to give the improviser a unique and modern sound. I show you how I practice these lines to a play along track on the soprano saxophone so you can hear how each line sounds at different speeds. I teach you the importance of not just memorizing each line but the technique of making it your own by repetition and changing it constantly while practicing.

The Minor 6th pentatonic is a must have tool for any serious student of modern jazz improvisation and this lesson gives you cool lines that you can’t find anywhere else! (31 minute video,12 PDF sheets in all 12 keys)

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    This lesson was my first encounter with the minor 6th pentatonic scale. The lines in it gave me lots of inspiration to continue working on this pentatonic since its sound is very refreshing to me.
    I also feel that it lends itself very well to making up shape based patterns.
    In retrospective I can see that this material has had great impact on what I can do on e.g. a jazz blues where it fits excellently.
    Motivation is key and by picking only a few of the lines and apply them to a blues was very much fun also surprisingly effective changing my playing.

    I think that even if you are not inclined towards learning whole licks parts of the lines here are really generic and very nice to have under your fingers.

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