Giant Steps Lesson 3-Pentatonics



In this 3rd lesson on Giant Steps, I teach you how to use the common minor pentatonic scale over these difficult changes. It is a cool thing when you can take a concept that you already know well and then with a little understanding, apply it to something else. That is what we will do in this lesson.  I will show you how to take minor pentatonics based off of the whole tone scale root motion and apply them in a cool way over the Giant Steps changes.

This concept gave me a very new and unique way to approach Giant Steps that really transformed my ideas on this tune.

I have included a PDF for Bb,Eb and C instruments that tells you where to use each pentatonic scale as well as a sample solo based on those pentatonics.  I teach you all the specifics of how I teach this concepts to my “live” students so you know all the ways to practice this concept and get the most out of it.  (Video & PDF 36 Minutes)


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