Danny Walsh Solo Transcription on Our Love Is Here To Stay

Here’s another great saxophone solo transcription from a Youtube video that I started working on yesterday.   This is another great solo from the terrific tenor sax player, Danny Walsh (I’ve already transcribed a couple other solos by him). Danny Walsh is an amazing NYC saxophone player that  many people may not know about but is definitely worth checking out!

This whole gig, in the Youtube video below, sticks out to me because the setlist is primarily tunes we would all play on a typical gig.  Cold Duck Time, Wave, Our Love is Here to Stay, The Way You Look Tonight, Masquerade, etc…….  I find it fascinating to hear a player of Danny’s calibre playing these common tunes that we probably have all played on gigs and just tearing them to shreds.  The other thing that I love is how effortless Danny looks while soloing on the sax.  He’s playing these intense lines but looking like he’s playing Mary Had a Little Lamb or something.  Not a drip of sweat or sign of effort, it just seems like it is flowing out of him effortlessly.   I love that!

Danny Walsh-Tenor Saxophone

If you have never heard of Danny Walsh before, check out his CD and any future projects he plays on!

Full Gig Video-Our Love Is Here To Stay Solo starts at 26:40

I originally just put in the typical chords on this tune but I noticed in bar 11 they were playing something different than a typical G Major chord there.  It sounds like a B minor 7 b5 chord going to an E7b9  altered chord in the next measure to my ear.   I also love measure 21 and how Danny outlines the B triad over the A7 chord highlighting the #11.  The triplets at the end with the accented blues scale notes and altissimo is killin’ also.   Great solo!!  Enjoy!

Our Love is Here To Stay-Danny Walsh Solo Clip

Our Love Is Here To Stay Solo-Danny Walsh

This is Danny Walsh’s last recording.  Check it out!!

Danny Walsh “Entering In” Itunes

Danny Walsh “Entering In” CD Baby

DevastatingFrontCoverSmallAdDevastating Minor Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing

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  1. Great work as usual, Steve! I recently took a lesson with Danny and to say he is a great player is a total understatement. He’s AMAZING!! Every note he plays can be transcribed and studied. I know a lot of great sax players including big name guys, but Danny is by far the most natural, born to play the horn person I’ve ever seen. I was with him for about 3 hours and he let me tape the lesson. It’s going to take me quite a while to master the examples he played. Danny studied with Coltrane’s teacher for 3 years and helped me quite a bit with the sound concept principals he learned from that. His mastery of jazz vocabulary from Ben Webster to Trane and Brecker is flawless. In prep for the lesson, I took the other Danny Walsh solo transcriptions you did and analyzed them as best I could to see if I could figure out his harmonic thinking. He’s very modest and didn’t want to see them. As we spoke about how he constructs lines, for the most part he said he just “really hears the line”. He’s past thinking about chords and has attained the ultimate level of being able to hear great melody across any chord progression and being able to execute it, so in studying his solos your best in approaching it by trying hear the line as a whole instead of individual chords he might have used because he doesn’t think like that. Obviously I’m totally impressed with his virtuosity and think he should be a star on the world sax scene.

  2. Avatar Ljuba Paunic says

    Great solo,great transcription ! Best words for your work,and all the best for your future work ! Thank you !

  3. Avatar paul fessenden says

    Thanks so much steve for posting the Danny Walsh transcription.I found him by accident on Youtube A few years ago. Just love the way he plays. Great notes. have you ever heard of Paul Moen. He was the lead tenor for Lionel Hampton back in the 70″S. He was my neighbor next door when i was a little kid.

  4. Avatar paul fessenden says

    Steve. he is on Youtube videos.Type in Lionel Hampton with Paul Moen. There are titles. Paul Moen with Buddy Rich and Lionel Hampton.A tribute to Paul Moen and Lionel Hampton v Lucerne 1977. You can hear him there. This guy had the greatest sound i “Ve ever heard.

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