Scott Hamilton & Harry Allen Blues Up and Down Transcription

Here’s another great solo transcription from one of my favorite recordings.  This is a fast blues called “Blues Up & Down” and is from the CD entitled “Heavy Juice”.  This CD features Scott Hamilton and Harry Allen both on the tenor saxophone.  Both of these great musicians swing like crazy on this album.  This is a recording I would want on a desert island!  That’s how good it is.   Any serious tenor sax player should have it in their collection.

I started this solo transcription a few years ago for a video lesson I did on transcription. In that lesson, I basically transcribed the first 3 pages of this solo as I talked about how to transcribe.  Slowing down the recording, figuring out the notes and rhythms, etc………… Transcription Video Lesson.   This last week I finally decided to finish this solo.   You could spend a year on all the material and lines in this solo.  It’s a goldmine!   Don’t be scared off by the fast tempo,  try playing the transcription slow at first to get the lines and rhythms down.  You can work up your speed gradually until you are ready to play it with Scott and Harry.


This solo is 24 choruses of a ripping  fast blues.  When you first look at the PDF you might be fooled into thinking this is an easy solo to play but try playing some of these lines with the recording and you quickly realize how awesome these guys are.

Blues Up & Down Solo Bb Key
Blues Up & Down Concert Key Solo

If you dig this solo make sure you pick up the whole CD of “Heavy Juice“.   It is  amazing!

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  1. Avatar Larry Weintraub says

    I have this CD. I have been a fan of both Scott Hamilton and Harry Allen for quite a while. I will learn the solos and check it out w/CD. Another great CD is Allan & Allen. That is clarinetist Allan Vache’ w/tenor sax player Harry Allen.

    I’ve seen Scott Hamilton play in Wash DC and Baltimore. Harry Allen has never come to an area near me. When I lived in Orlando I saw Allan Vache’ play quite a bit.

    Thanks for the transcribed solos,

    Larry W

  2. Steve,
    I had never heard of this CD before you mentioned it here.
    I downloaded it from iTunes this weekend. WOW.
    Thank you so much for introducing this CD to me. It’s amazing. I haven’t stopped listening to it.
    I will give your transcription some work! Thanks for publishing it.


  3. Hi, Steve! Great job, sanxxx. Have You any backing track or playalong to this tune?

  4. Hello and thank you. I just downloaded the album too. Question, do you know if anyone has a transcription of “lover come back to me” from Allan Vache & Harry Allen version on the 2001 CD? My son and I would really like to try to learn that tune. Was hoping to find saxophone part transposed to Eb for alto saxophone. Would be So wonderful. Again, great music and thank you for sharing.


  5. Hi Edward,
    I haven’t seen that transcription out there yet. Sorry! Steve

  6. Avatar Edward King says

    Thank you for responding. Look forward to when some does complete it. Regards, Edward

  7. Ed,
    Actually, I just found that to tune in Real Book 3 by Hal Leonard. My copy is in C though. Not sure if that would help or not……..Let me know. Steve

  8. Avatar Edward King says


    Thank you for the tip. I have ordered the book and look forward to trying it soon.


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