Mastering Major Diatonic Patterns (Digital PDF Book)

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A Major diatonic pattern is a pattern of notes that travel through a major tonality. Learning your diatonic patterns thoroughly is an important step in mastering the fundamentals of technique, melodic development, tonal center improvisation, more modern intervallic lines and chromatic approaches. Learning these diatonic patterns in all 12 keys will give a jazz improvisation student access to thousands of melodic ideas that they can use in their improvisations. Learning these lines will also give a student the confidence and technical skill they need to play in all 12 keys.

In this book, I have included 150 diatonic patterns based off of the major scale. Some of these patterns are common but many of them are unique. I’ve written the patterns in all 12 keys as a resource for students to work from.  Mastering these diatonic patterns will take many hours of practice and discipline but you will find the process to be very rewarding and beneficial.  Once mastered, these patterns will give you the building blocks from which you can create improvised solos.  Each group of notes is not just a pattern, lick or technical exercise but a melody and idea that can be used while improvising.  The more melodies and ideas you have in your mind the more creative you can be as an improviser.

-Mastering Major Diatonic Patterns  has 150 great diatonic patterns in all 12 keys.  It is a PDF file that you can download immediately so you can get to work. 

-I have also included a 25 minute video lesson where I teach you how to use the book with an Aebersold play along and the best methods to integrate the ideas into your improvisation.

-Also included is a supplemental version of the book just in G Major for those of you who would rather just play the patterns in one key and then transpose them on your own.


Steve Neff

5 reviews for Mastering Major Diatonic Patterns (Digital PDF Book)

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    Michael J. Smith (verified owner)

    I have been using this book daily for over 2 weeks now and I must say that I was surprised how these patterns makes it easier to improvise and, as an added bonus, I find I am reading new music much easier. I can take some books that were too difficult for me to play from months or even years ago and now can play it. Steve’s book goes through numerous patterns that teach you note combinations which allow you to play more difficult material much easier. I guess that the book “teaches” your fingers to master many different note intervals and then don’t stumble when you need to play them when they appear in songs.

    When Steve sends me his newsletter, the first thing I look for is any new book because all of them are valuable to me as a player.

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    Claudio Marcolino (verified owner)

    Very nice approach of diatonic patterns.
    You can deal with technical, ear training and
    phrasing issues… Obviously, several aspects
    of improvisation are imensily covered.
    I’m really excited with the book!
    Another must from Steve…

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    Geoff Waldron (verified owner)

    Your major diatonic patterns book is great. Im studying the first twenty patterns
    (first twenty pages) each day with different articulation each day and slowly increasing the tempo each week or so.
    There is a noticeable improvement in finger coordination across all keys and its amazing how much more secure I feel on the difficult keys when attempting to play pieces with 5+ flats/sharps. I’m able to sort out the fingerings for these pieces now much more quickly than before, often in one or two sittings when in the past I would have been lost until I did a significant amount of slow practice on the piece.

    Your going to do really well with this book. Keep up the good work…….

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    Chris Haigh (verified owner)

    I have had Steve’s new book, “Mastering Major Diatonic Patterns” for several weeks now. I have worked on diatonic patterns before, but Steve’s book is comprehensive. He starts with scale patterns and then moves on to 1-2-3-5 patterns, triads, seventh chords, sixth chords, chromatic approach patterns, and larger intervals, all with eighths, sixteenths and triplet rhythms. Honestly, that’s all I can see, but I have only had the book for a short time. My favourite part about this, and all of Steve’s lessons and books that I have, is that all of the patterns are applicable language. It’s not full of strange sounding intellectual patterns. These patterns relate to, and sound like the language of music that I want to learn about. I’m on #17 and I can see and hear how this book will help me really know my major scales. I genuinely do look forward to the lifetime of musical rewards that Steve wishes us from this book


    Chris Haigh

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    Charles Pratt (verified owner)

    A Clearing House of various ways to learn diatonic scale patterns!
    Mastering Diatonic Patterns by Steve Neff is an extremely essential book! Think of it as a clearinghouse for various ways to learn diatonic scale patterns and IN ALL KEYS! You can play this alone, or you can use Abersold’s Getting It Together as a backing track. Just pick a page you want to work on and explore the different pattern combinations – all 150 of them! I wish I had found out about Steve’s work earlier! If I had time, I would definitely take online lessons from him. I’ve also bought several of his video lessons and they’re a great addition too. So, if you’re bored with the same old same old books, pick up a copy of Mastering Diatonic Patterns. I did – meaning I’ve bought all the books over the past 35+ years searching for something to be comprehensive and very challenging. I’m starting to listen closer than ever before and don’t forget to read the introductory pages as Steve shares some cool tips, tricks, and things to think about. Most importantly, this book helps you develop better ideas for solos and I look forward to digging deeper into this method.

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