The Best Minor II-V-I Patterns (Digital PDF Book)

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The II-V-I pattern is the most common pattern in jazz music. The more adept you are at playing this pattern in all the keys the better your facility in the jazz language. In the past 20 years I have been keeping a notebook of these patterns. I’ve tried to limit the ones in this 80 page book to the hippest ones and to strain out the ones that are more popular or overused. In my opinion these are the best Minor II-V-I licks that I’ve come across in the past 20-25 years. There are 80 licks in this 80 page pdf file. Each lick is transposed into all 12 keys in treble clef and is easy to read. Trust me when I say that these things will keep you busy for a long time but once mastered your playing will improve incredibly. The cost for these patterns is $9.99. You can print this file and get to work immediately. Have fun. I hope you dig these as much as I have over the years. Thanks, Steve

Here’s a sample of some of the lines that are in the book. I’m playing them on the tenor sax.

4 reviews for The Best Minor II-V-I Patterns (Digital PDF Book)

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    Neffaholic (verified owner)

    So many “self-proclaimed ” saxophone teachers believe because they are a professional player, they are automatically a teacher, absolutely not the case. You must have the ability to transfer what you know, and most importantly, in my mind, the DESIRE to teach, and the need to know that your instruction is getting through, the constant search for more and better ways to deliver the instruction. the PASSION to teach. YOU have all these qualities, that is why i am a Neffaholic

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    Walt (verified owner)

    Steve, I really like your minor patterns and I’ll tell you why (which is why I just bought the major patterns). First of all they are good lines. Second of all you didn’t take a short cut and put the accidentals for each key by the cleft. You put the accidentals on each note (and with reminders). This helps me tremendously in reading through the lines. Thanks! Walt

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    Wayne Parker (verified owner)

    These apply to all instruments. I am a guitar player and they are especially useful for this instrument in getting you out of those patterns that fall all too easily under the fingers. I will be recommending your books to my students; in some cases, insisting they get them.

    Wayne Parker-Ballarat, Australia

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    Kenfen (verified owner)

    I recently purchased Steve’s “Best Minor II-V-I Patterns” and I must say I was well impressed by the quality of the patterns as well as the excellent manuscript. These patterns are a great tool to open up your ears and train the fingers to react better to playing over minor II-V’s. I’ll be using this well organized study book for some time in my own pursuit of musical excellence. I highly recommend these to anyone wishing to gain a clear and concise method to adding more vocabulary to one’s playing. Kind Regards, Kenfen

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