Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 1-Minor Chords (Digital PDF Book)

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“Just play the blues scale!” All across the country, you hear this advice given in every band room. Students sit with blank looks on their faces as band directors tell them to use this or that blues scale on their solo. The advice usually doesn’t go much further than that and many kids end up playing solos that they are less than happy about. What many of these students need is a jump start. A few examples of what to play and how to play it………..Here you go!

In Mastering the Blues Scale Volume 1, I demonstrate using the Blues Scale to create great blues licks you can use in your own playing over minor grooves. From slow Blues, to fast Funk, to Rock and Roll. I show you how to go about getting your blues vocabulary together as you greatly improve your technique with these essential blues licks and scales. Play along with this book at your own pace, as you learn hundreds of great sounding and easily adaptable blues licks and patterns in all 12 keys. Playing these patterns is a fun and exciting way to make that transition from knowing the Blues Scale, to actually having it in your ears and under your fingers.

These blues licks combine many of the idiomatic sequences, intervals and finger patterns, you really need to have down, if you want to get burning on the blues scale. If you are stuck playing your blues scales straight up and down, practicing these licks will soon have you playing with the technique and flexibility required to be able to play what you hear.

Mastering the Blues Scale Volume 1 Minor has 100 great blues licks in all 12 keys. It is a PDF file that you can download immediately so you can get to work.

This book also comes with a 33 minute Mastering the Blues Scale-Vol. 1 Overview Video Lesson on how to best work out of this book to get the most out of it.


Steve Neff

This book is a pdf file and can be opened and printed immediately after you download it. The exercises are written in all 12 keys and are great concepts for any musician involved in jazz improvisation.

6 reviews for Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 1-Minor Chords (Digital PDF Book)

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    Mike1955 (verified owner)

    Personally, when I was just starting out, over 30 years ago, and if I found something like what Steve has produced, it may have changed the way I approached the saxophone. So without having something like this at my disposal I merely groped through so much trial and error, whereas, this book can potentially limit that profoundly, depending on the player of course. Books like understanding the blues scale could make anyone cut to the chase. It may be redundant to anyone who has years under their belt, but for anyone who wants to really get their feet wet and create instant inspiration this book may very well incite a lot of great players in years to come.
    I applaud this book!

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    George (verified owner)

    Hi Steve. Thanks for issuing this great book. I’m quite new to playing blues and this has been a great help in getting me started. It contains nice and relatively easy blues lines that sound great immediately. Please let me know when the “major” version is out. George Zuchowski

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    Michael J. Smith (verified owner)

    Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 1 Minor (PDF Book)
    Mastering the Blues Scale Vol.1 Overview. Lesson and
    Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 1 Lesson for Alto

    The 2 lessons above and the book are a fantastic combination!!

    I started playing saxophone as a teenager in my grammar school band and quickly became addicted to the sax. Because my family of 7 needed help to pay for groceries, medical, and a great variety of other needs, I had to sell my sax, give-up playing and find a job.

    Several years later I started playing again and “fell in love” with the sax. I took lessons in New York City from the teacher who taught King Curtis; his name was Joe Napolian. I practiced religiously, started a band and began making money at a variety of gig types. My teacher past away and I moved to North Carolina to work at IBM as a network engineer and had to stop playing.

    Two years later I began a search for a sax teacher and happened to come across Steve Neff when I was searching YouTube for sax teachers. I went to and was very impressed with the lessons Steve Neff was offering. The concept of selecting lessons was an approach that I thought was unique and purchased a few lessons. I liked the lessons so much that I signed-up for a 6 month package.

    I was very happy with all the lessons I selected. I also purchased Steve’s book Mastering the Blues Scale that contains 100 licks or patterns in all 12 keys. I quickly selected the lesson for the overview of the book and the lesson where Steve demonstrates all 100 licks. Hearing them played by Steve was great, since you can hear the various articulations which makes a great difference to the sound of the licks.

    Using the book and corresponding 2 lessons made a dramatic improvement in my soloing that is incredible to say the least. Even my wife and daughter said my playing has improved and they rarely make any comments about my sax playing. My daughter even picked out 3 licks that are her favorites – Unbelievable!

    I strongly recommend to any one who wants to learn to play sax or play better to try a few of Steve’s lessons. You will not regret it.

    Michael J. Smith

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    Joe Nickerson (verified owner)

    thanks steve. now to get better at blues licks for the rock musicians i only get to play with instead of just beboppin along with jazz play-alongs.. the music i’ve bought from you has made me a good sax player after only 2 1/2 years.. i’ll be on the level of my guitar playing faster thanks to you.. looking forward to vol. 2.. 🙂

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    Olaf Vermeersch (verified owner)

    Perfect for anyone who likes to get started with the blues and improvising. Not only does it provide 100 licks in each scale but if you can play the 100 licks fluently you will be able to play you’re ‘own’ blues. all you need besides this book is some accompaniment like IrealPro and inspiration…. I like it very much.

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    Alexandra Willats (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend the “Mastering the Blues” books Volumes 1 & 2 highly enough! These books instantly transformed my playing, and gave me a freedom that I hadn’t yet experienced in my alto saxophone journey. I would recommend these books as an excellent place for a beginner who feels ready to start improvising. It’s liberating! The bewildering choice of online resources, videos, downloads and printed books can be overwhelming and most have failed me until now. Steve Neff has the ability to explain concepts clearly and succinctly and will have you feeling empowered with your new-found knowledge. You’ll be playing instantly! This is a also a bargain for the price – remember you get the play alongs too! I’ve just purchased the “New Ultimate II-V-I Primer” and I cant wait to get stuck in.

    Thank you Steve. I know where to go for all my lesson material now and I’ve even felt the confidence to purchase a tenor recently, knowing I’m in safe hands with your books and videos.

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