The New Ultimate II-V-I Primer-Major Keys (Digital PDF Book)

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The “New and Improved” Ultimate II-V-I Primer is finally done.  The purpose of this book is to give beginner to intermediate jazz improvisers a complete and thorough method to learn all the note possibilities in a II-V-I progression in a systematic and organized way.  I have written this book so that it starts with the simplest of exercises and progresses to more advanced exercises as you work through the book.

The book is divided up into 10 lessons.  Each lesson is focused on adding one note to each chord of a II-V-I progression.  I give you a number of patterns for each new note that is added.  The goal of these patterns is to master the new note in relationship with each chord and to add these new notes to the notes mastered in the previous lessons.  I’ve written the patterns out in a number of different combinations that I think sound good.  Mastering these patterns will give you a multitude of melodic options while improvising.

After the patterns in each lesson, I give you 10 examples of how to apply 10 different approaches to the patterns already studied.  These approaches help to connect the chord tones from measure to measure as well as multiplying the various lines and ideas you can use over the progression.

The last section of each lesson is focused on giving you some ideas to use to create more melodic lines.  Many times students who are studying and learning patterns have trouble making the jump from pattern to melodic improvisation.  For this reason, in each lesson I give you 5 melodic lines based off of the patterns and approaches. I give you some insights into why they sound good and how I created them.

This PDF book is a massive 750 pages long because it is written out in all 12 keys.  I suggest just printing out pages 1-78 for the section in C major for a reference and then printing out other keys and pages if you need them later when stuck.

Included with this book are:

40 Play along tracks, 12 of piano at 85bpm, 12 with a trio at 110bpm,  12 with trio at 140bpm and 4 tracks at different tempos of a 12 key play along.

This book is an excellent resource for any student of jazz improvisation.  It will help you  internalize the chords, learn a number of approaches, learn to play melodically and  improve and grow your creativity.  When you have completed this book, you will have laid a great foundation on which you can build.  I hope you enjoy the journey.



5 reviews for The New Ultimate II-V-I Primer-Major Keys (Digital PDF Book)

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    I’ve really had much use of your II-V-I primer book. It has made my ears twice as big and in just one month my technique in all keys has evolved tremendously. I am basically an autodidact, which means i usually skip the “easy bits” and go straight to the things I’m not likely ever to be able to manage. This book has given me the opportunity to start all over again and do things correctly from the start. I’ve spent years on various scales and patterns without much happening, but with this “easy” book and band in a box things are starting to happen. My best lesson ever! Jonasson

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    Just started working on your II-V-I Primer. It’s absolutely
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawsome !!!! Exactly what I was looking for, just right on !!!
    I started today and oh boy, I don’t know if I’ll ever play like Bird, but I know I’m gonna enjoy learning and playing my alto like I never did before.

    Thank you so much, it’s so great to have people like you in the music community.
    Keep up the good work !!! Can’t wait to start my lessons.


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    Robert (verified owner)

    “Where did that note come from? Just one of the question answered just by playing with the play-alongs and reading Steve’s short and very clear notes that accompany the exercises. This “Primer” is easily worth many times the price. None of this, “Memorize these pages before you start playing” stuff. You’ll be playing in less time than it takes to wet a reed. This starting over theme has been great for me. I have a decent ear, but it many times leads me into Clam City. Starting over (in all keys yet) is giving me a better foundation. Even if you feel weak in only a key or two, this Primer will be worth much more than you are paying. Steve’s server should be waiting. You can have this primer in about 10 minutes, including the ton of play-alongs. And NO, I don’t know Steve, but I am a very satisfied user.

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    Robert (verified owner)

    I want to thank you for your “Ultimate II-V-I Primer” which has sent me off on a much better path to improvisation. The primer and the four bound books I have will keep me busy for a long time. I like your lessons for two reasons. The lessons work and THEY ARE FUN. Thanks again.

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    Steve- Your ii V7 I Primer is a great book- I am happy to find a book which addresses these fundamentals logically and sequentially…this is a valuable resource for my teaching. This book addresses the study of chord tones and various approach notes while studying ii-V7-I progressions progressively from the most basic concepts into more advanced ones and subsequently offers practical insights and suggested exercises into using these ideas melodically when improvising over this very common chord progression.

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