The Neffmusic Member’s Area is only visible if you are a Neffmusic member. You can get a membership by buying a subscription below. Once your subscription is purchased you will be able to see the Member’s Lessons tabs below the Member’s Area menu tab above. You will also have full access to the Member VIP Lessons, Practicing with Neff Area, Brecker’s Altered Fingering Lessons and the Killin’ Altissimo Licks Lessons. There are two types of subscription plans:

*A Silver Membership Plan will let you choose any 4 lessons a month for the life of your membership.
*A Gold Membership Plan will let you choose any 10 lessons a month for the life of your membership.

Purchasing a subscription plan is the best way to receive ongoing lessons of your choosing every month while saving up to 50% off regular lesson prices. The longer the subscription plan you choose, the more you save! Join today and start progressing musically like never before!

Q. What makes Neffmusic different from other subscription sites?

1.)This site is the only subscription site for saxophone that lets each member download the lessons they choose and keep them for as long as they want. Many lessons come with extensive PDF exercises and can take months to practice and master. At other subscription sites, you can only view the lesson as long as you continue to be a member of the site but at Neffmusic you can download the lesson to your computer and work on it as long as you want or even keep it and decide to work on it years from now.

2.)Each lesson is 30-40 minutes long on average and is a product that is for sale in my Neffmusic store. These are not 5 minute snippets of something but full length lessons that were created to be sold and many include PDF resources and play alongs to help you learn the material as well.
*Try Neffmusic today and see all there is to learn about playing the sax and jazz improvisation!

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