Getting the Most from Neffmusic Online Lesson

To get most out of my NeffMusic Online Lessons I would suggest a few simple ideas.
1. Focus on one topic like Blues scales, Approach Notes, Pentatonics……..etc.
In my mind it’s always better to focus on one topic at a time and master it.  Working on bits and pieces of 10 different lessons and not mastering any can be tedious and frustrating.  Read through the online lesson descriptions, watch the sample of the videos and then pick a topic that you think would be a good place to start for you. Try to stay within that topic until you feel you have a good grasp of the concept and it is coming out in your playing. If you would like more online lessons on the topic or would like to know how to use it over a specific tune feel free to email me and I can make another video lesson for you.

2. Set up a concrete plan of action.  Many people think that jazz improvisation is done by  undisciplined, free spirited people who just kind of wing it up on stage. This is not true. Most of the  best jazz players I have played with have also been the most organized, disciplined and focused people I know. Listen to the advice that I give on practicing the material and write down a plan. Don’t just wing it or let your feelings guide you. Be specific! If you have a vague plan, you probably won’t get concrete specific results in your improvisation.  Write down a specific plan and course of action to master the material in the lessons. Review your plan weekly and assess your progress. Think about ways that you can improve the plan. Because these lessons are online you have to be the one who takes the information and then comes up with your own lesson plan.

3. Don’t be afraid to communicate with me so I can provide more detailed online lessons for you……Some of my video and audio lessons can be overwhelming because of the amount of info I am giving you. You have to remember that I’m making these online lessons for a wide audience.  One person who gets the Dominant Bebop Lessons could be a player who has played for 30 years and can crank through the material.  Another person might only be playing for a couple of years and have a harder time.  If you are in the latter group and need more specifics and direction email me or write in the forum and I can provide more detailed step by step lessons to meet your specific needs.  If you are working on something but are having trouble applying it to a jazz standard just email me or post in the forum and I can do a online lesson on that so you can learn how to apply it.  I can’t respond to every individual email but I can provide more lessons that everyone can use. I am more than happy to provide lesson for your specific needs.

I hope these three steps help you with my lessons and I wish you lots of success. Thanks, Steve

Steve About Steve

Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Thank you for this information for my practice, especially setting up a plan. Very much needed in my playing

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