Minor II-V Scale Choices Lesson

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Learning what to play on minor ii-V-i progressions can be a confusing journey.  In this lesson I break down the mystery behind the dreaded minor ii-V.  I teach you 3 different approaches to playing over this minor progression using the harmonic minor scale, the melodic minor scale and the locrian mode of the major scale.  I talk about when and where to use each approach and then show you how to use them over “Stella by Starlight”.  Everything is demonstrated on the tenor saxophone. I also play the chords and scales on piano so you can hear how they sound together. (34 Minute Video Lesson)

1 review for Minor II-V Scale Choices Lesson

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    I wanted to thank you for the great new lesson on minor ii-v s. The choice of Stella is perfect, and your demo solo is outstanding. This lesson clarifies a lot of my questions about this subject and makes the theoretical into a practical approach.

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