Out Of Nowhere-Pentatonic Lesson



In this lesson I show you how I would use an assortment of pentatonic scales over a standard like “Out of Nowhere”. Included in the lesson is a 2 chorus solo I wrote out using only pentatonic scales. I play through the solo for you over the changes so you can hear how the different pentatonic scales sound. This lesson is the next step if you have studied my first two lessons on pentatonics. My goal with this lesson is to show you how you can take what you’ve learned about pentatonics so far and apply them to standards. Enjoy!   (Audio & PDF)

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    Jeff Taylor

    Hi Steve, great exercise. I found a typo in measure 16 over the E7(b9). Shouldn’t be an “A” in that measure. HTH, best wishes

    • Steve


      Hi Jeff,
      Yes, the A was a passing note I added because it sounded good in the line. The line is mostly B minor 6 b5 though…………….

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    Jeff Taylor

    Np was just following your other choices in the various pentatonic lines and associated chords. Noticed PT’s in the non pentatonic iideas though, so all good.

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