The Dorian Mode Lesson

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In this lesson I teach you about the Dorian Scale.  The dorian mode of the major scale is a scale based off of the 2nd degree of the major scale.  It is most commonly used over minor chords and tonalities.   I talk about how to figure this scale out and a few ways to think about it.  I also teach you how to practice the scale so that you can hear how the notes sound and where they want to resolve to.  I work through the entire scale and talk about each note and what you should listen for when you are practicing this scale.  I demonstrate everything on my tenor saxophone. (Audio & Video)

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    Marc Contet

    I have spent some time on books from Jamey Aebersold to get a understanding of the Dorian Mode, but I was still sounding poor with it. With that video Steve gives everything that you need to fully understand it, and overall how to sound great with it thanks to his explanation of the resolution points.

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