Staying Positive-Attitude and Vision Lesson

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This is more of a talk than a lesson. I talk about the importance of having a positive attitude and vision for yourself. I look at my own past and the different roadblocks that I faced and the different tools and techniques that I used to stay positive and focused. I have these talks with many of my students at one time or another when they are getting frustrated and unmotivated. I hope this lesson will encourage some of you and give you a few tips to inspire you to continue on in your pursuits in music.  (Video & Audio)


1 review for Staying Positive-Attitude and Vision Lesson

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    nelson (verified owner)

    This is a great lesson that EVERYONE should watch. Not just for practicing saxophone but as an overall life lesson. After all Steve has been through, not many people can argue about staying positive if he was able to do it.

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