Mastering a Hard Pattern Lesson 1-Lick 19



In this lesson, I tackle the process of learning a somewhat harder lick and talk about all the steps involved in learning it so that it is mastered.  I take pattern 19 in my book “Best Major II-V-I Patterns and teach you the process I would use to  learn and then master this line in all 12 keys.

Many students are just told to go and learn a lick or pattern in all 12 keys but very few students are actually taught the process involved in doing this.  First,  you have to play the pattern and understand the elements that make it up.  Then you have to break it down to instructions that will work for you so that you can use those instruction to then recreate the pattern in every key.  After that, comes the practice and repetition required to master the line so that it can easily be used while improvising effortlessly.

In this lesson, I take you through each of these steps and show you step by step how to practice the material so that it is mastered.  I demonstrate each of the steps in the mastery process on the tenor saxophone.  (36 Minute Video Lesson, PDF Sheet of ii-V-I Lick in all 12 keys)



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