Memorizing Jazz Standards-Lesson 1

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One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn and memorize jazz standards.  Most working jazz musicians have hundreds of  jazz standards that they have memorized and can play at any moment.  For many students,  learning these standards can be one of the most difficult tasks to complete.   They spend countless hours trying to memorize and play the standards they should know only to get on the gig  and fall apart.  It can be a very frustrating and intimidating experience.

In this lesson, I take you through the process that I find most effective in memorizing jazz standards.  I show you the complete process as I try to memorize a standard that I do not know (Yes, I do not know them all)  This is a revealing lesson for you because I take you through the beginning steps of how I think through the melody and chord changes.  I teach you the things I find the most effective when trying to memorize a song and the chord changes as well as warning you of the common road blocks we all face.  Believe me, I was horrible at this when I was younger so I hope to impart some of the things I have learned over the years  so you can benefit from them.  This is a great lesson to really digest so you can build up your jazz standard repertoire.  It is not easy nor will you find any magic here.  You will just find lots of advice  on what to practice  and how to practice it. This is Lesson 1 of 3. (31 minute video)

2 reviews for Memorizing Jazz Standards-Lesson 1

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    Big Big thanks to Steve for making this series of lessons, Steve gives some very honest views and detail on what he considers are the important areas to memorizing a jazz standard thoroughly. As usual the lessons are flavored with elements of Steve’s humor taken from his life experiences which easily connect with the listener in an enjoyable way. I am looking forward with anticipation to putting Steve’s thoughts to the test on the great choice of tune he uses throughout the lessons – ’Have You Met Miss Jones’

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    Chris Cole (verified owner)

    5 Stars! Steve’s four lessons on tune memorization are awesome. Very few players in this era are in the fortunate space where they’re blowing jazz gigs nightly. This makes learning and retaining jazz repertoire a real challenge. Steve’s well thought out approach in each of these lessons and his taking the time in those lessons to explain his thought process is pure gold. It’s rare to get a player of Steve’s calibre is actually slow down and take you through the actual steps he takes. I highly recommend all four of these lessons.

    chis cole

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