Learning from the Greats Lesson



In this lesson I teach you what I believe is one of the most vital and essentials practice tips that you can use…………..playing with the masters.

In the old days, young players would go to the clubs and listen to the greats play.  They would play along with the recording and try to jam as much as possible so they could use the new melodies or lines they had learned.

In this lesson, I show you how you can learn from the greats without ever leaving your home. This is a practice that I have been doing since I was in 9th grade. Nothing beats playing along and learning directly from the great masters of jazz.  The more that you can do this, the faster you will improve.  It helps your ear, your creativity, your vocabulary, your phrasing………and pretty much everything else.

In this lesson, I show you first hand how I go about playing a standard with Rich Perry,Larry Schneider and Bill Evans (Piano).  I show you how I try to think and have these great players influence my own playing so that I can come up with new and creative ideas.

This is one of the greatest tools that you can use in your practice regime.  The great thing about it is that it is so much fun that it does not feel like work!(35 Minute Video)


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