Neff’s Hour Practice Routine Lesson



This is a bit of a different lesson for me, it is in response to a member of my site who emailed me and asked how and what I would practice if I only had an hour a day to practice.  This member expressed his frustration that he could only do an hour a day 5 days a week if he was lucky and he had a hard time figuring out what to practice.  He was curious what my strategy is and how I would approach an hour a day.   

This video is my best answer to that question.  Although it was mostly for this member I think there are some valuable tidbits of information in here for other students as well.   Keep in mind that this is my best effort to show the kind of things I practice and why so I do make mistakes and mess up at times. If you only have an hour a day then this would be a great lesson to check out!   This is on the tenor saxophone and is over an hour long.  Much of it is me practicing so I do repeat the material more than I would in a normal lesson but I’m making an honest attempt at showing you the process. (64 Minute Video Lesson)


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